Legally blind students perform during the Lubbock-Cooper vs. Frenship game

Legally blind students perform during the Lubbock-Cooper vs. Frenship game

Friday nights mean high school football. But tonight, it also meant a special night for three students at the Lubbock-Cooper vs. Frenship game.

Best friends who attend rival schools share a deep bond because they have something extraordinary in common.

Scout, Faith, and Caleb are all legally blind, but that doesn't stop them.

Faith and Caleb are twins that participate in the Lubbock-Cooper band. Scout is Faith's best friend a friendship that started at a camp for blind kids.

Six years later, they have an inseparable bond.

"It's amazing because we can talk to each other about anything and we know that they're always there to listen so it's really cool," Scout said.

"We're BBFF's. Blind best friends forever," Scout said.

Scout is in the color guard at Frenship High School, a hobby she picked up from her best friend.

Tonight for the first time they will got to perform on the same field.

"It feels really cool. It means a lot that we all get to compete and that our schools let us be a part of an amazing program and that we get to kind of be rivals and best friends at the same time," faith said.

Two school districts that have made sure these students have what they need to learn.

"When you're in the stands watching as they're learning the show and there's someone willing to just volunteer their time… until she could count her steps and do her muscle memory… they could not be more accommodating welcoming. I mean anything she needs its there for her. So its kind of a good West Texas family situation i think for both of our schools," Paula Sonnenburg, Scout's mom, said.

Three teens, full of life, not worried about what they can't see.

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