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Cotton Farmers Concerned With Extended Daylight Saving Hours

Many area farmers are concerned that extending daylight-saving time will cut into their ability to work a second job in the evening. Farmers say for about the past 15 years, cotton production costs have outweighed prices, which is why many local farmers now have second jobs. However, working into the nine o'clock hour for an extended period could make it more difficult to hold down an extra job in the evening.

Plains Cotton Growers, Inc. Operations Vice President, Roger Haldenby says, "I don't know wether it's better to have an early start out in the fields when it's cool or an opportunity for extended working time in the evening after completing a day job. I think you'll find most people would rather leave it alone and leave it the way it is."

The legislation calls for daylight-saving time to begin three weeks earlier and end one week later.

The house will vote on the legislation later this week.

Congressman Randy Neugebauer represents area farmers. His office said he plans to vote for the legislation because it's part of the entire energy bill. They said the goal is to reduce the United States' dependence on foreign oil and he says that outweighs the daylight savings part of the bill.

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