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Commissioners Order Victims Memorial Removed

Lubbock County Commissioners ordered the immediate removal of the inscribed granite marker. Defense attorneys argued that if the marker stayed on the lawn, it could influence a jury and give defendants an unfair trial.

Minutes after the commissioners announced that the marker will be removed, members of the Victims Coalition walked out of the room. Five hours later, the marker was taken down.

“They showed what kind of women and men they are,” said Pam Alexander, Victims Services Executive Director and member of the Coalition.

“I think we have worked out a compromise,” said Judge Tom Head.

“The marker will come down, but the benches and flower garden will remain,” said Patti Jones, County Commissioner.

Each commissioner took time to address their decision. “I like, all the rest of us, feel great compassion for victim's rights,” said Ysidro Gutierrez.

More than a dozen defense attorneys at the commissioners meeting say they are pleased with the decision.

They were willing to sue the county if the commissioners refused to take it down.

Defense attorney Alton Griffin says nearly 900 of his colleagues feel the marker detracts from the judicial system. “We are not anti-victim, we are pro-constitution and laws of this country,” said Griffin, also former District Attorney.

The battle is over and Alexander says there are no plans to replace the marker.

“That’s up to the county. The coalition is through,” she said.

Coalition members have no plans to place the marker anywhere else.

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