Student uses art to raise awareness for childhood cancer

Student uses art to raise awareness for childhood cancer
Student uses art to raise awareness for childhood cancer (Source: KCBD)
Student uses art to raise awareness for childhood cancer (Source: KCBD)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and one teen here on the South Plains is doing what she can to raise awareness

"I would literally sit on the bathroom floor and just listen to music and cry because that was just a way to get all the emotion out," Delainey Kendrick said.

Kendrick was diagnosed with cancer on Sept. 29, 2016.

Four weeks into her freshman year, Delainey noticed something she hadn't noticed before.

"Going into freshman year I was trying to figure out what I was going to do trying to get all comfortable. So four weeks in I'm comfortable and understanding what I need to do and then that week I find in my French class I'm drawing this character I kind of feel up here on my collar bone and there was like this big, about that big of a tumor," Delainey said.

It was Hodgkin's Lymphoma, something Delainey and her family were not expecting.

Within two weeks of diagnosis her whole world was flipped upside down.

She wouldn't continue freshman year as she imagined instead she would start chemotherapy.

"It was pretty intense because I had to have five chemos every three weeks instead of having one or two after a prolonged amount of time. I was doing mine for, five for three weeks for four months," Delainey said.

A battle she didn't always think she could handle, but using artistic talent to get her through.

"I actually found therapy in my art during chemo because I was able to draw. That was the only way I could really speak how it felt can't really say how it feels," Delainey said.

"Every time I look at those drawings I actually feel it again, like I'm able to recreate how it felt. It's really hard to draw them now because I can actually feel it and it's weird. I've never had an art experience like that," Delainey said.

Now she's using her artistic abilities to raise awareness and express the pain of what it's really like to go through childhood cancer.

"I was given this to have a chance to get my art out there and try to show you can do this or it really really is hard but every kid deserves a chance to know that they can fight it," said Delainey.

Creating the truth to show just how much it means to smile through the pain.

"There's so much pain that goes into it that that smile takes so much work," Delainey said.

Delainey is now in remission and is back in school for her sophomore year.

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