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Thieves Are Searching for Open Garage Doors

Thieves aren't waiting for homeowners to leave to make their move. Police tell us they're stealing while you're at home. NewsChannel 11 spoke with a Lubbock victim who has a warning for other homeowners. Barry Crow says, "They actually came in here (the garage) and opened the fridge and took a bunch of Gatorade and food. It's just not right."

While the Crow family was relaxing at their Southwest Lubbock home Friday evening (with their garage doors open) thieves drove down their street and backed up to their driveway. One of them walked right into their garage and stole from the refrigerator and off their shelves. Barry says, "It's nothing about taking drinks. We'd be happy to give them away. It's that they came into our home."

Minnie, the family dog, alerted Barry's wife Barbie. She went out the front door to see what was wrong. Barry explains what she saw, "He comes running out with his arms full of stuff and just smiled and drove off."

Barry and his son had gone for a walk when they were burglarized. They actually saw the thieves come around this corner and turn down their street real slow; all the while checking out houses in the area. Barry describes the thieves and their vehicle saying, "An early 70's Ford pickup, short wheel base. One kid driving looked like a Hispanic male age 17. The kid on passengers side looked about 14."

Barry called police, they told him this kind of thing is common in the summer. They call it "garage hopping." Barry wants everyone to be aware it happens. He says it has changed the way he and his family relax at home. Barry explains "We come home and pull in and just shut the garage door. It's sad we have to live like that."

The Lubbock Police Department urges homeowners to keep their garage doors closed at all times and keep anything tempting or valuable out of sight. If you see anything suspicious, call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

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