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Overdose Cases Resulting in Criminal Charges More Common Than You May Think

Now that the Lubbock Medical Examiner has ruled the death of 16-year-old Thomas Mallory accidental, how likely is it that the Lubbock County District Attorney's office will be able to seek criminal charges? NewsChannel 11 discovered overdose cases resulting in criminal charges is more common than one may think.

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Thomas Mallory: Autopsy & Toxicology Report
The Lubbock Medical Examiner released Autopsy and Toxicology reports late Tuesday afternoon in the death investigation of 16-year-old Coronado student, Thomas Mallory. Click here to view the complete report.

The Lamb County District Attorney's office has filed criminal charges in two overdose cases within the past two years. Both involved juveniles, but neither resulted in death. In one case, the teen who gave the marijuana-like substance was charged with child endangerment. A juvenile court found him delinquent, which is similar to a guilty charge if you're tried as an adult.

In the second Lamb County case, a juvenile court found another teen delinquent of delivering a controlled substance.

In January 2005, a Dallas/ Fort Worth area teen pled guilty to delinquent delivery of a controlled substance after giving prescription drugs to a friend who died as a result.

In Plano in 1998, federal officials indicted 29 people who were allegedly connected to numerous heroin overdoses. Most suspects were high school students. A U.S. District Attorney says they were knowingly distributing lethal doses of heroin to juveniles.

As for cases in Lubbock, the Assistant District Attorney told NewsChannel 11 he could not recall a person being prosecuted for a drug overdose in the last decade.

District Attorney Predicts Mallory Case will Go to Grand Jury
The District Attorney's office tells NewsChannel 11, the death of a Coronado high school student is expected to go to the grand jury.
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