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The Veet Bladeless Razor Kit: Does It Work?

This week, NewsChannel 11 is testing the Veet Bladeless Razor Kit. 

The Veet Bladeless is a “hair” different than a regular razor.  Rather than using sharp blades, your legs will not get nipped by the plastic scraper when you use it.

Your kit also comes with hair removal cream that you put on your legs.  The instructions say to leave it on for three minutes.  However, because the hairs on my legs are so thick, I had to leave it on for the maximum time of eight minutes. I noticed the scent resembled another hair removal cream, Nair.

Then you use the scrapper like a razor and remove the cream and the hair in this case. I could not believe my eyes!  I kept going and going until the cream was all gone.

I was very impressed!  I think it works!  Take note though, the day after using the product, the area I tested was prickly again.  I do not believe you are going to get long lasting results like the product claims.

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