West Texans arrive home after being in Las Vegas during shooting

West Texans arrive home after being in Las Vegas during shooting

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Tears of joy and long hugs filled the Lubbock airport Monday afternoon as loved ones were reunited after a terrifying time apart.

"Very thankful to God for protecting us but also such sorrow for the people that were there we saw a lot of people at that airport that were in slings and bandaged. We sat next to some people at lunch and they were just devastated I mean they were there and it was terrifying," said Kimberly Crisler, who was in Las Vegas during the shooting.

Crisler wasn't at the concert but was a couple miles away as everyone ran her direction in a panic.

"A gentleman came in and said that there was a shooter and so we started to leave but not everyone knew at that point. So we just started making our way down the strip and then that's when people started running and shouting that there were multiple shooters and so they started closing restaurant doors and telling people to get under the tables, then they put us in an outside bathroom," said Crisler.

Chaos as people tried to get away.

"Where do we go, was the main thing. Where do we go and how long are we going to stay here? It was terrifying, it was terrifying especially when they were saying there were multiple shooters and you don't know if you're running right into them or I mean you don't know," said Crisler.

Crisler made it back to her hotel room and was on lock down until about 4:30 a.m. this Monday morning but says what she went through doesn't compare to others.

"I just I feel like there's no… even what we were going through I cant even imagine what they experienced," said Crisler.

Allegiant Air says they want to help families of victims that need to travel to or from Las Vegas.

To get in contact with them email communications@allegiantair.com

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