Consider This: Grieving for lives lost in Las Vegas

What do you say about the events of Sunday night in Las Vegas?

The events there touched lives even among our own with at least two young women injured, both of whom have ties to Lubbock.

Our hearts ache for the 59 who were killed, but what words can we offer that will heal shattered lives?

It is a fact that we will always be vulnerable to the murderous deeds of someone who acts alone and is willing to sacrifice their own life.

It doesn't matter whether the weapon is a vehicle driven into a crowd, a modified high-powered rifle or Timothy McVeigh's explosive-packed truck, the tool is the malicious mind of one who hates.

Consider this: We cannot prevent evil in the world, but perhaps for just a moment, we can stop politicizing other people's tragedies and concentrate instead on healing the wounded.

I can fashion no moral or lesson from this. It is a nightmare beyond description.

So tonight, it is appropriate that we weep with those who weep, mourn with those who mourn and offer our prayers and sympathies for all who are affected by this tragedy.

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