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Metabolic Fingerprints

How many calories should you eat in a day? How much exercise do you need? Now, there's a new device claiming to answer those questions so you can better customize calorie counting.

Cardio, weight training, and a protein rich diet. A good, but generic weight loss plan, Amy Wehking wants to customize using her own metabolic fingerprint. "If I have a higher metabolism, it would offer me more food choices, more calories," says Amy.

For seven to ten minutes Amy breathes into the Body Gem, a hand held device said to measure the metabolism, or the amount of calories the body needs and uses to stay alive.

"Some people have a fast metabolism which naturally burns a lot of calories, others have a slow metabolism, their bodies don't use as much calories in a total 24 hour time period," says fitness trainer, Kristi Derry

Doctors say up to 75% of the calories your body burns each day doesn't come from exercise, or even the food you eat, it comes from your metabolic rate while at rest. Ken Fujioka, M.D. of Scripps Metabolic Research Center says, "We know if you go too low in calories, and that number is around five or 600 calories. If you go too low, you actually do go into a starvation mode. You lower your ability to burn calories to keep from starving."

Dr. Ken Fujioka also says you don't really need to know your resting metabolic rate to eat the right amount of calories. "If you have the fat to burn, you will burn fat and most of us will adjust over to fat burning after a few weeks. So eating below it is not that big a deal. It's not a problem where you are going to burn your protein up because that's simply not been proven."

But, it's better than guessing the amount of calories you need, says Amy. Metabolic fingerprinting costs about $50. For more information, click here .

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