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Food for Thought Report 7.28

Health inspectors spent a lot of time inside supermarkets and movie theaters during the last round of inspections and, no, they weren't running errands and taking in films. They tell NewsChannel 11 they're making sure those places are safe for you and your family.

Food for Thought 7.28
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 7/28/05.

Inspectors say there is no difference between the way the health department inspects restaurants and the way they inspect movie theaters and supermarkets. Both are still held to high standards. Environmental Health Manager, Bridget Faulkenberry says, "Most of the time they (movie theaters) do great. They have a fairly low risk food menu and they don't usually have a lot of violations."

Faulkenberry and her health inspectors peered inside a couple movie theaters, making sure your movie snack doesn't make you sick. Both Showplace 6 and Tinseltown dazzled inspectors.

Next door to Tinseltown, United Supermarket received good news too. The bakery that creates those tasty temptations had a perfect inspection with zero critical violations. Eddie Owens, spokesman for United, says, "I'm not surprised at all. I think all our food prep areas in all our stores are exemplary."

None of the departments at the 2703 82nd Street United location are low performers, but some did receive critical violations. Owens says those were addressed immediately with additional training to an already stringent regimen. He explains, "One of the things we take a great deal of pride in is our cleanliness top to bottom, floors to ceiling and everything in between. It's very, very important to us."

The United at 1701 50th was also inspected. Their seafood department had a perfect score. Inspectors also dropped by the Albertson's at 3249 50th. Speaking about all the grocery stores in town, Faulkenberry explains, "They have a lot of food stored behind where the customers can go and so we check safety and sanitation of all storage areas and they're extensive."

Health inspectors did inspect restaurants as well this week. None qualified as top or low performers.

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