Lubbock-Cooper South Elementary host Fuel Up to Play 60 rally

Lubbock-Cooper South Elementary host Fuel Up to Play 60 rally

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Children at Lubbock-Cooper South Elementary hosted their first Fuel Up to Play 60 pep-rally on Friday.

This kicked off the school's new wellness game plan which aims at providing new nutritional and physical activity programs to students. The program was launched by the National Dairy Council, local Dairy Councils, and the National Football League.

"Is a really good way to just make everyone aware of healthy options for the kids, and really if we start them young, then they grow up making those healthy options," Kristy Rose, the director of health services for Lubbock-Cooper South, said.

One of  the ways the program helps get students involved is through the student ambassador program.

"It's student led," Rose said, "we've got 12 student ambassadors to help chose the healthy options for the school."

"Teaching everybody how to be healthy because it's very important," Lydia Psterfield, one of the Student Ambassadors, said "because you only have 1 body and you have to take care of it."

The school will be working on calendar challenges, including Wet Your Whistle Wednesday where kids will have fruit infused water, to Theatrical Thursday where students will walk differently down the halls, for example, flapping their arms like birds while they walk.

Everyday students will have a new activity, which will be encouraged by the student ambassadors around the school.