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Rabid Bat Alert

A warning Thursday...stay away from unfamiliar animals particularly at night. That comes from the Health Department now that a second bat has tested positive for rabies in Lubbock County.

"Bats have very small teeth. They can infect you with a very small bite, and you might not know you've been bitten," says Tommy Camden, director at the Lubbock Health Department.

The rabid bat is a Mexican Free Tailed Bat similar to the one pictured here. A person is currently being treated for possible exposure. So far, there have been no human cases reported here.

Meanwhile, make sure your own pets are vaccinated. The health department says the best thing you can do to protect your family since rabies is a fatal disease, and Camden says since you don't usually see a bat, a fox or a coyote during the daytime.

If you do see that or any suspicious animal, be sure to call animal services at 775-2055.

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