Beyond the Friday Night Lights: Abernathy Antelopes

ABERNATHY, TX (KCBD) - Coming off a season where the Abernathy Antelopes won five gold balls, there were some expectations heading into this season, and through five games so far, the Antelopes are undefeated, winning by an average of 30-points per game.

"There is pressure on them, because they watched the team last year," Abernathy Head Football Coach Darrell Daily said. "A lot of them were a part of it and some of them weren't that are playing. They are getting to that point that they are almost scared to lose. Hopefully that motivates them to play harder."

"We had a lot of kids coming back. So we knew we had a chance in these first five-games to do well," Coach Daily said. "We are playing good and we are not too bad injured. We expected to be 5-0 or we hoped to be 5-0 going into district. We better be because it is a loaded district."

Playing in 2A Division 1 District 2, the competition is stout. The district features many undefeated teams, and Friday night it will be a grid-iron battle for the coveted district title.

"Oh yeah, look at the records in our district. We have teams in our district that haven't been beaten," Daily said. "Everyone can play in our district, and they are well coached and they got great community support. So, we just got to keep getting better and hopefully we can win some games in district and get into the playoffs."

Up first for the Antelopes, is the undefeated Sundown Roughnecks. A team that has had a strong showing this season, on the football field.

"You can't make mistakes, they have done a great job defensively," Daily said. "They always do a great job, they did a great job against us last year. We found some ways luckily at the end, so it is two really good football teams playing at the start of district."

A big test for a team that aspires of making another deep run, and from here on out they are treating every game, like a playoff game.

"Oh yeah we talk about it, once we get through those first games," Coach Daily said. "Once we start district it's playoff time, and our kids love playoffs. They have been in them and they have watched other teams through the years be in the playoffs. You know, it is a playoff game because you got to win games in district to be able to get into the true playoffs. So, it is a great deal and I love that, I love playing teams that are tough and hopefully we can come out with a win."

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