KliffNotes: Heading into the West Virginia game

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Tuesday at the Red Raider news conference, football took a back seat to Monday's tragic shooting.

"Before we get started, on behalf of our football program, I'd like to offer our condolences of the family of the fallen officer and the entire Texas Tech police department," Texas Tech Head Football Coach Kliff Kingsbury said. "We obviously work closely with those guys at Texas Tech PD and it's a tough situation for everybody involved. We greatly appreciate the immediate response and communication from our University and all the law enforcement agencies involved that allowed us to be safe, and I don't have any further details on what has been reported. Our University will have a press conference at 3:00 p.m. today at the USA to cover that. But once again, our thoughts and prayers are with the victim's family at this time."

Refocusing on the past game, Texas Tech had their way running the football against Kansas. Where the Red Raiders rushed for 313-yards and 5-touchdowns, that's something coach Kingsbury wants to continue the rest of season.

"It was important to get it going after the previous week of not being able to establish it versus Oklahoma State," Kingsbury said. "I didn't think we were physical enough, and those guys at Oklahoma State did a good job up front of slowing us down. It opens up everything for us offensively. It allows us to get guys open in the back end that are talented players, and if we can't run it they're going to drop everybody out of there and nobody will be open. We know going in that's what we have to do, and we'll work to do that."

Up next for the Red Raiders is a team that they haven't beaten three seasons, and is currently coming off a tough loss to TCU. So they know, they will get West Virginia's best shot come Saturday.

"Yeah, they out-physicaled us I guess in 2014. We had a big lead they came back and beat us. '15, dropped a couple touchdowns up there. Last year just didn't show up, got blown out, and so we know it'll be competitive," Kliff Kingsbury said. "We know they're a tough team. They've had our number, and we've got to go up there and try to execute at a high level."

For the third-time this season the Red Raiders will play in a 11 a.m. game, but Coach Kingsbury says the team is ready for the early morning challenge.

"Yeah, we've embraced it," Texas Tech Head Football Coach Kliff Kingsbury said. "Houston was the same way, and we're going to have another one coming up, so that's what it is. You get in and get it started early and come out firing, and this team has really taken on that mentality of getting up and getting ready to go to business. So I don't think it is a worry for any of us anymore, the way they've attacked the previous two."

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