Texas Tech remembers Officer Floyd East, Jr.

Texas Tech remembers Officer Floyd East, Jr.
Remembering Officer East (Source: KCBD)
Remembering Officer East (Source: KCBD)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Texas Tech held a memorial for fallen Officer Floyd East Jr. at the Texas Tech Memorial Circle on Tuesday afternoon. KCBD talked with people from all walks of life that were there honoring officer East.

"It was important for me to come because I feel like as Tech as a whole we're really close to each other and its important for me to be there for the fellow students and officers and faculty that were affected by this," said one TTU student.

"It's very important to be here tonight just to come together as a family - Red Raider Nation coming together, and supporting one of our own," said one TTU alumni.

"Memorials are not only just to commemorate their death but to celebrate their life and I think it's a shame that he was taken so soon," said one TTU student.

"He was a very nice guy. Could walk up to him and have a great conversation with him. Just great guy to be around for easy to get along with, work with, just a great guy," said one TTU police officer.

Officer East was the victim of a tragedy that still has everyone in shock.

"It just really hits home that something like this could happen on our campus," said one TTU student.

"I think we're all still in a state of shock. We always hear about it happening in other places but for it to happen here in Lubbock, Texas, it hits the heart pretty heavily," said one TTU police officer.

But these students have a message for the community.

"If you go to Texas Tech and you live in Lubbock, you are living in the friendliest and greatest town in America and you're going to the greatest university in the world, and regardless of what happened last night and regardless of what might happen in the future we are safe and we will lift each other up in these deep and dark times," said one TTU student.

Officer East had a wife and two daughters.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

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