Lubbock family shares sweet encounter with fallen TTU police officer

Lubbock family shares sweet encounter with fallen TTU police officer

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - KCBD NewsChannel 11 is learning more about the fallen Texas Tech police officer, Floyd East, Jr.

A Lubbock family reached out to KCBD to share a sweet story gesture from Officer East, they say they will always remember.

A couple of months ago, Priscilla and her two-year-old daughter, Shaila, were at the Market Street at 19th and Quaker when they ran into East.

"The day I ran into him, I was having a tough day," Priscilla said.

Her daughter was sick that day and after they both left the clinic to stop by Market Street to pick up some medicine. Shaila grabbed a teddy bear without her mom noticing.

"She grabbed it, I paid and grabbed the medicine and I went out," Priscilla said.

As they were walking out, a police officer, who she now knows was East, was walking in. She said they exchanged hellos and then Priscilla realized her daughter had walked out with bear.

Frantically, she ran back into the store to return the bear while East watched the whole thing. While she was walking back to her car, she heard someone trying to get her attention.

"I hear someone say, 'excuse me ma'am' and my son says 'it's the police,'" Priscilla said.

East, a total stranger to them, went above and beyond his call of duty that day to make a little girls day.

"He hands me the bear and I said, "oh, no sir, that's not my daughter's, she accidentally walked out with it and he tells me, "no it's her's now, I'm getting it for her," Priscilla said.

When East's picture popped up as the man who was shot and killed in the line of duty at Texas Tech, she says she knew instantly it was the same man that showed her and her family true kindness.

"I knew it was him. I had spoken to him," Priscilla said. "And, it broke my heart."

And she knew she had to share this story, to give others a glimpse into who officer East was as a person.

"His smile towards my daughter and him giving it to her was just unexplainable."

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