Lt. Gov. directs TX Senate committee to address issues for Harvey response, recovery, rebuilding

Lt. Gov. directs TX Senate committee to address issues for Harvey response, recovery, rebuilding
Dan Patrick (Source: Official Bio)

(KCBD) - Following Hurricane Harvey, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick directed the Senate Agriculture, Water and Rural Affairs Committee to address several issues immediately regarding response, recovery and rebuilding efforts following the storm.

These issues include:

  • Study and make recommendations on how to move forward with water infrastructure projects in the State Water Plan that will help mitigate floods through flood control, diversion, and storage projects. Evaluate plans for a possible third reservoir in addition to Addicks and Barker to control and alleviate additional flooding in the region. Additionally, review the current status of reservoir projects in Texas. Examine opportunities for coordination between federal and state agencies to develop flood mitigation infrastructure, and the ongoing maintenance and restoration of critical dam infrastructure.
  • Study and identify ways to improve the capacity and maintain the structure of the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs. Report on mechanisms that would ensure the public has access to timely and transparent release figures from reservoirs across the state.
  • Evaluate current state data-sharing standards for rainfall and stream gauges and whether regional flood management projects and flood warnings should be hosted in a centralized location, such as a state agency web page. Determine whether a statewide real-time flood warning system could be developed and coordinated through mobile devices, TxDOT electronic signage, communication devices and whether existing local and regional forecasting infrastructure could be integrated into a centralized inclement weather forecasting system.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick gave opening remarks at the meeting that started this morning at 9 a.m.

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