Search warrants describe evidence collected in Texas Tech police officer shooting investigation

Search warrants describe evidence collected in Texas Tech police officer shooting investigation
Hollis Alvin James Daniels 2016 mugshot (Source: Lubbock County Detention Center)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A series of search warrants released by Lubbock police on Thursday confirm many details about evidence collected in the course of their investigation into the deadly shooting of a Texas Tech police officer on Oct. 9.

Warrants confirm that 19-year-old Hollis "Reid" Daniels was arrested for drug possession and handcuffed by Texas Tech police officers as he was taken to the Texas Tech Police Department building.

Three Texas Tech police officers were sent to Talkington Hall as part of the welfare check on Monday afternoon: Officers Floyd East and Tyler Snelson, along with Lt. Mark Haney.

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The officers spoke with Hollis Daniels and located a quantity of Xanax and some other unidentified tablets.

It's still not clear how Daniels was able to possess a weapon while he was under arrest.

Once inside the Texas Tech Police Department building, Daniels was taken out of handcuffs during the booking process.

TTPD Officer Tyler Snelson went to another room to try and identify the tablets taken from Daniels' room, leaving Daniels alone with Officer East.

The warrant says Snelson heard what he believed to be a gunshot and immediately went to the briefing room. The shot was fired around 7:45 p.m.

Snelson said he found Officer East shot in the head. Daniels had fled the building.

After Daniels arrest at approximately 9:30 p.m. Monday, officers found a Springfield XD .45 caliber pistol located in a drainage area of the Marsha Sharp Freeway.

The warrant says, "The area where the firearm was located was in an area that Hollis would have traveled while fleeing from the Texas Tech Police Department. The firearm was hidden in a box with other refuse."

That Springfield XD .45 had been reported stolen on Sunday, Oct. 8.

Daniels was indicted by a federal Grand Jury and charged with possession of a stolen firearm on Wednesday, Oct. 11.

The warrant says "The ammunition located in the gun had the same markings, 'RP .45 AUTO' on the casing located at the Texas Tech Police Department near where Officer East's body was located."

"A body-worn camera was located in two pieces on the north side of the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum. Officer East's body worn camera was not on his person after he was found deceased."

The warrant says Daniels' roommates told police he was "constantly smoking marijuana and using Xanax," and that they believe Daniels was selling marijuana.

The search warrant obtained for Daniels' dorm room lists some of the items found in the room, including a pipe, white pills in a plastic baggie, a digital scale, a shell casing and bullet fragments.

The warrants will allow police to search Daniels' phone, computers, and any firearms found. They will also allow a saliva and DNA test.

Police collected Daniels' cell phone after his arrest. The warrant says Daniels told police he called his mother on Monday night after the shooting of Officer East.

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