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Lubbock natives write song to raise awareness of veteran suicide

The Battle Rages On (Source: KCBD) The Battle Rages On (Source: KCBD)
The Battle Rages On (Source: KCBD) The Battle Rages On (Source: KCBD)
The Battle Rages On (Source: KCBD) The Battle Rages On (Source: KCBD)

Russ and Linda Murphy, graduates of Texas Tech University and now Nashville singers and songwriters, are hoping a new song will touch and save the lives of our nation's heroes.

The duo teamed up with writers David Spears and Robert Jason to come up with a song to raise awareness of veteran suicide for the Night of Courage event, hosted by the Military Order of the Purple Heart and Lubbock VFW Post 2466 on Friday.

"We wrote several versions of it and thought we just had the best song, that it’s going to be great," Linda said. "Then we got an opportunity to meet with some families who had lost soldiers to suicide and some soldiers who had attempted it but didn’t go through with it."

She said they tore up lyrics each time to make sure the song, "The Battle Rages On," would make an impact on veterans and citizens alike, as 20 veterans a day take their life.

"I think this song is the most deeply scrutinized song I’ve ever written," Russ said. "I think all the lyrics are really strong."

Those lyrics help listeners understand what returning heroes are going through.

"When they come home they have a moral injury in their minds that says, 'You’ve done something so horrible. No one can forgive you. Your life is never going to be the same,' and it keeps coming back to them," Linda said. "We talk about in the song, church bells are ringing and choirs are singing but they hear bombs blasting and the metal crashing and it continues to ring in their ears."

The songwriters say the stories they heard prove that a veteran never truly gets away from battle.

"This is something that’s just going to continue to rage for them and we want to help them know they are not alone but we do understand the battle rages on," Linda said. "It doesn’t stop but there are ways to deal with it and ways to get better."

"If you talk to people who have tried to commit suicide but failed and are still here to tell you the story, all of them say, 'I wish I had waited one more second, two more seconds before I pulled the trigger or took the pills.' We are praying this song will cause them to pause just for a second or two, maybe three or four minutes to hear the song and just stop what they are doing and let that emotion just pass and we are praying it will save lives," Russ said. 

Both agree the most important part of the song is the last chorus.

"As the battle rages on, God will see you through. You’re here for a reason. He’s got plans for you. We are standing by your side. You’re not fighting on your own as the battle rages on."

For the full song, click here. 

The Night of Courage will honor six Medal of Honor recipients as well as George O' Brien, Texas Tech University's only Medal of Honor recipient.

At 8:30 a.m. Thursday you can welcome those heroes at the MCM Elegante hotel at 801 Avenue Q.

The event is also in an effort to raise money for a Monument of Courage, a memorial dedicated to honoring Purple Heart recipients and Gold Star families at the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial. Click here to donate or send a contribution to Chapter 0900, MOPH at P.O. Box 64266 in Lubbock, Texas 79464.

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