Mike Leach vs. Texas Tech battle heats up

Mike Leach vs. Texas Tech battle heats up
Mike Leach

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Mike Leach has long asked to be paid for coaching the Texas Tech Red Raiders for the 2009 season. Tuesday Leach hired a private investigator to look into Texas Tech. According to USA Today, Leach wants the firm to investigate the Texas Tech Board of Regents.

Wayne Dolcefino of the Houston firm Dolcefino Consulting will look through phone records and other data for information.

"If they want to be weasels and not pay the guy, then they won't pay him," Wayne Dolcefino of Houston firm Dolcefino Consulting said in the USA Today report. "But we're going to look under every nook and cranny. We're starting with phone records."

Leach was fired after the 2009 season despite finishing with a 9-4 record. Leach claims he was paid his base salary for 2009, but never was paid his guaranteed income or bonus for the season.

"It is indisputable that they owe the money, whether the state of Texas will let them snake out of it or not," Leach told USA Today in a text message. "How many other people has Tech cheated over the years? By exposing these abuses of power, maybe we can get the sovereign immunity law in Texas changed and me and others can get paid."

Texas Tech released this statement today:

"Mike Leach was paid everything due to him under his contract as of the date of his termination. The facts and circumstances that led to his termination for cause are clear. He admittedly ordered that a student-athlete with a concussion be placed in a darkened area - not an athletic training area - and forced to stand. This occurred on two occasions. Further, when Texas Tech tried to assist Coach Leach in resolving the matter in a reasonable way, he refused. This led to his suspension for the 2009 Alamo Bowl game. Rather than accepting his suspension and moving on, he chose to sue Texas Tech, making it clear that not only was he unrepentant for his actions but that he was unwilling to cooperate with Texas Tech regarding student-athlete safety. This led to his termination. The courts decided this case years ago, and there is nothing more to add."

Last week at his Washington State News Conference, Leach sounded off on Texas Tech. "They were outright crooks. You're talking about an organization that hasn't paid me for 2009. We won nine games in 2009 and they haven't won nine since. Yeah, are there crooks there? Yeah. They're felons and oughta put them in jail. You've got schools that have actually had murders, schools that have had rapes and sexual assaults, schools that have cheated and fixed grades, schools that have bought their players. There's only one school in the nation that's shameful enough to not pay their head coach. Only one. And that's Texas Tech."

Mike Leach and his Washington State Cougars are currently 7-1 and ranked 15th in the new AP College Football poll.

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