Preparing your homes before the freeze

Preparing your homes before the freeze

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - There quite a few things to remember when it come to preparing for the first freeze.

Of course, the most common is plants, pipes and pets.

Make sure to bring all plants indoors, or cover them with cloth to keep warm. Insulate your pipes, and brings your pets inside to keep the out of the cold.

But Lubbock Fire Rescue also sees an increase in calls when it starts to freeze.

LFR gives some tips to keep your homes safe before the freeze.

"One of the easiest thing is to make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector," said LFR Captain, Kevin Ivy.

Carbon Monoxide is an odorless gas, that you can't see, that is deadly.

CO detectors work like a smoke detectors. You put them inside your house and check them twice a year. Simple, but lifesaving.

Another problem LFR sees during the winter, is house fires caused by space heaters.

In fact, Captain Ivy said 25,000 fires a year are caused by space heaters.

When you turn on one, be sure to keep things away from the space heater.

"A blanket will get pushed up against in a room or a pile of clothes and over time as that just gets warm and warm, it'll finally just catch on fire," Ivy said.

If you plan on starting a fire to keep warm, it's important to be extra cautious.

And since we've seen a lot of hail this year, some had to get a new roof. Captain Ivy says its important to get your roofs checked before lighting a fire.

And with wood burning fire places, Captain Ivy says sometimes people forget to make sure the fire is out before they go to bed.

It's easy for ashes to spark something in the house or a log to fall out onto the carpet, so double check that fire before you head to bed.

LFR says you may also want to get your chimney checked beforehand as well.

When it comes to heating houses, there is a lot of different ways people try to get heat in there.

So Lubbock fire rescue reminds you to only use things designated for indoor use.

If you are concerned about carbon monoxide in your house, LFR will come check it out for you.

You are asked to call them at 806-775-5757.

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