Consider This: Mike Leach may be wrong, but he's not all wrong

Consider This: Mike Leach may be wrong, but he's not all wrong

The biggest story in college football, outside of the game itself, is Coach Mike Leach's comments about Texas Tech.

I'm a Mike Leach fan, but coach is going about this all wrong.

First, they're not, "all crooks at Texas Tech."

It was nearly eight years ago - a whiny football parent, complaining to Tech Regents and Chancellor Hance, prompted the firing of the most successful football coach in Red Raider history days before the Alamo Bowl.

Thankfully, most of the actors in that shameful saga are gone.

Coach Leach needs to know attacking the institution doesn't help his cause with the Red Raider fan base. It might even turn away some of the many fans he still has.

Consider this...if Mike Leach wants to keep fighting this battle, it's his business. There's no doubt he got railroaded and he has reason to be angry.

But he needs to fight to win, not to alienate.

After being denied his day in court, there's probably only one way Coach Leach will ever recover what he believes is owed him: he could receive it in his first year's signing bonus as Texas Tech's new head football coach.

And you know next time there's an opening, that may not be bad idea.

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