Citizens finally seeing some progress at Citizens Tower

Citizens finally seeing some progress at Citizens Tower
Construction on Citizens Tower (Source: KCBD)
Construction on Citizens Tower (Source: KCBD)
Construction on Citizens Tower (Source: KCBD)
Construction on Citizens Tower (Source: KCBD)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Citizens are finally seeing some progress at Citizens Tower.

Citizens Tower is destined to be Lubbock's new City Hall, with an estimated renovation cost of $64 million.

KCBD NewsChannel 11 got a sneak peak at the progress report that will be given at the city council meeting on Thursday.

The city says construction is going along as planned and they haven't hit any snags at this time.

Construction started in August 2017 with mainly demolition happening at this stage.

"There's mechanical up at the top, its been totally cleaned out. They're working on the basement right now. What you see right here is demolition of the existing stair well to come back and build a new outer stair case fire escape," said Council Member, Steve Massengale.

The major hole you can see in the side of the building is one of the major differences from when construction started.

"And the hole will increase in size all the way down until they finish tearing the existing brick wall out," said Massengale.

Along with reconstruction of Citizens Tower is the LP&L building that will be across the street.

Most of LP&L will be in the basement with some administrative offices in the tower.

"We're tearing up the top slab right now that'll be re-poured. There's some structural work going on underneath preparing for really some sky light effects, bringing sun down into that basement and so that's the activity you see going on there," said Massengale.

For cost saving purposes they are putting all the debris in the parking garage and will then tear the garage down and haul off all the debris at one time.

"We're going to do it once rather than in pieces, so we're going to gather in there and then you'll see them it'll be a dusty project. One day they will drop the garage and then haul it off," said Massengale.

Demolition and construction will continue as they tear down a restaurant on the north side and another building next to the parking garage.

They plan on being finished and in the building by mid 2019.

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