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Lubbock Teens Asked To Come Forward In Mallory Investigation

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16 Lubbock families will soon be getting letters asking them to cooperate in the Thomas Mallory investigation, or be ready for a lawsuit. NewsChannel 11 spoke with the family's attorney to find out the details of the letter.

Thomas Mallory's family wants answers about the night of their son's death, and in order to get those answers, their attorney sent 16 letters to the teens they know were with Mallory the night he overdosed on ecstasy. Attorney Jon Stark said, "They know what they did, there is no need to drag this on any longer, we are very near completion of our investigation, and we believe these interviews will answer any questions we still have."

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Thomas Mallory: Autopsy & Toxicology Report
The Lubbock Medical Examiner released Autopsy and Toxicology reports late Tuesday afternoon in the death investigation of 16-year-old Coronado student, Thomas Mallory. Click here to view the complete report.

Mallory's family won't stop until they know the truth about the night their son died, the letter from the family's attorney states their goal is "To determine what role, if any, your son had in the planning of the gathering, the providing of the ecstasy, the transferring of Thomas Mallory from place to place, and the ultimate call to 9-1-1." Stark says, "This letter and interviews are our attempt to avoid suing teens that don't need to be sued."

The attorney says he's willing to sue each teen one by one if they are unwilling to be interviewed. The letter says "We want to discuss this matter with you prior to the filing of a lawsuit to avoid suing persons who may not bear any responsibility for the tragic events of that fateful evening." Stark said, "If they do have to do a deposition, those become part of public record, and it could damage the reputation of the kids might not ultimately be responsible in this case."

14 of the 16 teens targeted are Coronado high school students, but the attorney says they know more teens were involved, and eventually they will find out who they are. "We do not believe we have exhausted the list of teens that were there and there's going to be kids in Lubbock that do not get a letter. That just means we don't know who they are yet."

Stark says they won't stop until they have interviewed every person with any kind of involvement in this case. They ask if you have any information about the night of Thomas Mallory's death, to call their offices at (979) 846-8686.

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