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9-1-1 Tapes Released in Baby Car Death

The death of a 1-year-old boy is prompting a local day care to change its policy. Madison's Place Daycare will now call every parent if a child is not dropped off by 10 a.m. The change comes immediately after a Lubbock mother forgot to drop her toddler off at day-care. By the time she remembered, he was dead.

Every day, the mother takes her two children to Madison's daycare. On Wednesday, her 6-year-old son was not with her so she just had to drop off 1-year-old Josef Duemer, and it could've been that simple change in routine that caused her to drive straight to work instead of the daycare. Nine hours later, that mistake turned into a tragedy. We share the 9-1-1 call with you now in hopes no one else makes the same mistake.

911: What's your emergency?

Man: We had a baby death in the car at our day care at Madison's place and we need somebody to come out.

Josef Duemer was found dead after being left in his mother's car for over nine hours.

Man: The baby's not breathing?

911: The baby's not breathing?

The mother works across the street, and usually drops two sons off at Madison's place. She got to work at eight thinking she had done her usual routine, but when she showed up at the daycare after five they said she never dropped off her son.

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Director/ Owner Sara White says, "When she came to sign Joe out, he wasn't here today. Then she realized what happened."

A daycare worker and the mother ran to the car and found Jose. They rushed him inside and called 9-1-1.

Mom: Hello, hello..

911: Okay ma'am you gotta calm...

Mom: My son's been in the car all day, oh!

911: You gotta calm, you gotta calm down you wanna do CPR? or do you want...

Mom: I know how to do CPR, but he's been in the car all day long, he's been in the car all day long!

911: He's been in the car all day long?

Mom: Oh my God!

911: Okay you need to calm down we need to do CPR, okay?

Mom: Okay, okay, I can do CPR, okay.

White says, "Our support is here for them, parents express support, it could happen to any of us. We need to slow down and pay better attention."

The daycare says this was an eye opener for all parents, and to their business. White said, "Today we put in place of a child is not here by 10 a.m. we'll call. It's not a normal policy, but it seems minor to what happened."

The investigation is ongoing but police tell us right now it appears to be a tragic accident. If the mother were to be charged she could get something as severe as criminally negligent homicide or child endangerment. The lesser charge carries a possible six month to two year jail term.

One-Year-Old Lubbock Boy Dies After Being Left Inside A Car
Wednesday, August 3rd's high temperature was 93 degrees. It wasn't a record high, but it was enough to kill a Lubbock boy.
Temperatures Inside Cars Get Deadly Within Minutes
Police believe 1-year-old Josef Duemer was inside his mother's car for at least nine hours Wednesday, August 3, before he died. They don't know exactly when he died, but doctors say within minutes the intense heat could've killed him.

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