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Raising Your Infant or Toddler Without Diapers?

Imagine raising your infant or toddler without diapers.   Advocates say it is better for the children, but some experts say it could do more harm than good.

 "It just made logical sense.   If you can figure out when your baby needs to go, then why should the baby go in the diaper. Why not the toilet or potty?" says Melinda Rothstein.
these massachusetts moms, Melinda Rothstein and Rachel Milgroom, are practicing an ancient technique called "elimination communication". 
"They are born giving us signals. We just have to learn how to recognize them. Some of the signs would be a certain cry that the baby would make, " says Rachel Milgroom.

"Hannah will kick her feet or start verbalizing more.   Or if she's laying down she'll kind of start swinging side to side," adds Melinda Rothstein.
With a little help 5 1/2 month old Hannah sits on the potty.   She's been doing this since she was only days old.
These "Diaper Free" moms believe it's better for the environment and for their child. 
"The same as we wouldn't want to be sitting in waste neither would a baby if given the opportunity," says Rachel Milgroom.
(reporter stand-up:  dr. Deanna lites)
A well known doctor, T. Berry Brazelton, a pediatrician who's written the book on potty training thinks looking for signs is more about training the mom not the baby. He says passing up diapers may take an important developmental step away from your child." 
"Each step in a design step-like process of showing a child and letting them take over each step themselves. If you do it that way then when it happens the child feels i did it my self," says Dr. Brazelton.
He also thinks potty training too soon may be too much pressure on baby. 
"All of a sudden later it crops up. Uh,, I'm not quite so sure i want to do this for mommy anymore. I'm negative right now. And so they hold back their b-m's or they wet the bed long-term, longer than they would have." adds Brazelton.
While the "Diaper Debate" continues these moms admit their babies do have accidents but say they've seen amazing results. 


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