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Lubbock May Get a Fourth Wal-Mart Supercenter

Super Wal-Marts are not struggling for business. On Thursday night, zoning officials approved a fourth Wal-Mart at 82nd Street and Milwaukee Ave. Wal-Mart is building a third location on 4th Street and Avenue Q. Local grocery stores say they are watching their parking lots very closely.

Wal-Mart customers are in favor of two new super Wal-Marts coming to Lubbock. "I live on Martin Luther King, and it is an inconvenience for me to come here all the way from there. I am glad we will have something closer," said one consumer.

"Half the time, you can't find what they're advertising. We went as far as Hobbs one time for Christmas," said one man. "It's too crowded," said another woman.

Economic developer Gary Lawrence says Lubbock is supersizing on its own, serving 700,000 consumers. But at least two local grocery stores are not so excited at the Super Wal-Marts. Although United is not commenting publicly on the issue, employees there say it's an obvious concern.

The man who runs a "small mom and pop shop", Discount Grocery on the Idalou Highway, said over the phone that he is concerned the Supercenters may shut him down. "If a retailer in Lubbock can keep prices that are good, give extraordinary personal service. They can compete with anybody," said Lawrence.

The city also has reason to believe a Dallas developer will build a Super-Target on Milwaukee and the Brownfield Highway. However, the developer would not confirm that information with NewsChannel 11.

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