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City Councilman Plans To Fight For Lubbock Police Recruits

One city council member says he will fight for the hiring of 27 police recruits that were told earlier this week that would not get a job. 47 recruits have passed an intense four month interview process, just to be told that more than half of them would have to look for another job. But one council member says this issue is not over yet.

“Talk to anybody that would listen to me because like I said, I've been told we're taking everybody that passes from the day I took the written test, polygraph, to the letter,” said Jacob Opperman, potential police recruit.

You only have integrity once. That's the police academy motto, but some feel the city's integrity is in question. “We kept our promise and did what we had to do and they told us as long as we did that we were gonna be good, but now it's coming back,” Jacob says.

Lubbock City Councilman Floyd Price met with recruit Jacob Opperman and says he agrees the 27 recruits deserve to be in the academy. “If we can get them in I want to get them in there. If we can't find the money we need to look at another direction if we can keep them on the eligibility list keep them in the next class.”

It all comes down to money, the council has told NewsChannel 11 they do not have the money to send 27 recruits to the academy, so one resolution would be to extend the six month eligibility list to 12 months. “If we can keep that eligibility list open till we can start another academy after this one then I believe that would appease the young people I spoke with,” Price explains.

But even if the recruits do get another six month extension, there is still no guarantee city council will have enough money then to put them through the academy. “We're gonna save the city thousands and thousands of dollars because if we have to do it all over again, the dollars spent on these young people will be wasted,” says Price.

“They're trying but I hope they do more than just try, I hope something is done,” says Jacob.

The city council will meet Monday to go over the preliminary budget. If they cannot reach a resolution, there could be public hearings on the matter.

Meanwhile, the Midland Police Department wants to recruit those officers who won't be starting the Lubbock academy. Midland is asking those officers and anyone else interested in becoming a police officer to call them at 1-800-657-9351.

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