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Woman issues warning about dogs who attacked her, killed dog in SW Lubbock

Hand injuries in attack (Source: KCBD) Hand injuries in attack (Source: KCBD)
Geraldine Sprys recounts dog attack. (Source: KCBD) Geraldine Sprys recounts dog attack. (Source: KCBD)
Dog, Sasha, killed in attack (Source: KCBD) Dog, Sasha, killed in attack (Source: KCBD)

A woman says two dogs are on the loose in Southwest Lubbock after they attacked her and her dog Saturday morning around 10 o'clock. She tells KCBD her dog was killed and she was left with bite and other defensive wounds to her hands.

Geraldine Sprys said it happened around 107th and Elmwood when she took her 9-year-old toy poodle, Sasha, out for a walk before leaving to go shopping.

"I saw two big black dogs running down the next street down," Sprys said. "I grabbed Sasha and I turned around and we just went across the street."

She said she was cleaning up after her dog when the two dogs, a black standard poodle and a black lab, attacked them from behind.

"I tried to grab Sasha from the dog’s mouth and he bit me and got her away," Sprys said. "I was screaming and trying to get somebody to come and help me and nobody heard me. He kept attacking and I tried to get up. I was on the ground and I couldn’t get up. I don’t know how long, it seemed like forever, but some man came along in a car."

That man was able to get the dogs away, according to Sprys, and helped her get Sasha into her car to go to the animal hospital. With a broken neck and puncture wounds to the lungs, her dog was not able to be saved.

Sprys suffered an anxiety attack and bites and cuts from the leash on her hands. She said those bites aren't able to be treated and she doesn't know if she needs a rabies shot. That's one of the reasons she hopes the dogs are found.

"They looked like they were really groomed and cared for," Sprys said. "They didn’t look hungry or wild or anything. My neighbor posted the incident on our Springfield website and several people responded. One lady said her dog was attacked also and she reported it to animal control. Somebody owns those dogs. If anyone knows anything about where those dogs live or who owns those dogs, we need to find out because those dogs could hurt somebody else."

Sprys said she contacted Lubbock Animal Services and was told they would contact her when the dogs were found. She tells KCBD she just wants her neighbors to be on the lookout for the safety of themselves and their loved ones. 

"To watch that happen in front of you and not be able to do a anything was really hard," Sprys said. "I just had a hard time. I’m staying with my son now because I can’t stand to stay in my own house by myself. It’s just the worst situation that could happen and I hope It never happens to anyone else."

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