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Local Radio Show Makes Tech/A&M Game Issue Topic of Debate

The buzz about the Texas Tech/Texas A&M game is back. NewsChannel 11 has learned regents could discuss moving the game to Dallas during a meeting on Friday, August 12.

The issue has been highly discussed all summer on the Williams & Hyatt show on KKAM 1340 AM. The hosts now bring even more attention to the issue. They said continually talking about it is key to letting regents know how Lubbock feels.

The Red Raiders haven't even taken the field this season, but Lubbockites can't stop talking about them and the possibility of the Tech/A&M game moving to the Metroplex. Who better to lead the discussion than radio talk show host, Ryan Hyatt.

"You can hear the intensity on both sides of the issue," said Hyatt.

Hyatt and Scott Fitzgerald have kept the issue at the forefront of their call-in show so that Tech regents and officials will know how everyone feels.

"I'd say 80 to 90 percent have been against the move for a lot of different reasons, it goes from everything from competitive balance to economics to just not wanting change," said Hyatt.

Thousands of fans and alumni put $8 million into the local economy when the Aggies come to town, the point of one caller's argument. "If I was a small business owner around here, or if I ran a hotel or a restaurant, that's one of the biggest three days they're going to have in town."

The same caller says Tech is forgetting what games are really about. "The students give it the atmosphere, the alumni tailgating don't give it the atmosphere, they do outside, but not in the ballpark" he said.

Another caller said, "I just wanted to know if you guys have ever heard of that movie, 'Indecent Proposal'?"

Tech officials have said moving the game will mean more money for both schools, which many callers and Hyatt disagree with.

"I didn't like it day one and I don't like it day 42 or whatever it is. You've got great facilities here at Lubbock, you've got a great program and I believe it needs to be showcased with one of the biggest games here on the South Plains," said Hyatt.

Tech officials haven't specified how much money the school stands to gain if the game moves.

NewsChannel 11 was only able to reach one regent. Dr. Bob Stafford said he's not ready to give a comment until he hears the positives and negatives.

You can e-mail the regents with your thoughts on this topic by (clicking here).

Callers Fill Show Airwaves With Debate Over Moving TTU/A&M Game
Texas Tech has not made a decision on moving the Texas Tech/A&M game to Dallas, but the prospect is now creating buzz again in Lubbock.

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