Small Business Saturday encourages people to shop local

Small Business Saturday encourages people to shop local
Small Business Saturday (Source: KCBD)
Small Business Saturday (Source: KCBD)
Small Business Saturday (Source: KCBD)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Shoppers are encouraged to shop with Black Friday and Cyber Monday but also with Small Business Saturday.

"They're the life blood of our economy and this weekend after we celebrate thanksgiving and people decide to get out and shop you want to make sure you shop local," Mayor Dan Pope said.

This serves as a reminder to not only shop but keep your money local.

"Small Business Saturday is really important to us. We're a small business we've been around 53 plus years. Small Business Saturday really helps bring attention to the mom and pop aspect of retail," Holland Gardens General Manager, James Majors, said.

When you spend money locally it keeps that money in the local economy.

"You know we're not only competing with other stores were competing with the internet were competing with not just another shop down the street," Majors said. "We're competing with thousands of stores across the unites states now which is really important to us and it means a lot to us bringing that attention to small businesses on Saturday."

Holland Gardens says even with the internet Lubbock shoppers are still coming through the door.

"We've actually seen a steady increase each year over the last few years we've watched our sales go up we've watched our traffic through the door increase because they get that mom and pop feel," Majors said.

Separating themselves with the one on one feel when customers walk in the door.

"90 percent of our stuff that we have in here you are not going to find in a box store. We deal with vendors that only deal with mom and pop independent retailers, so that's one thing," Majors said. "Not only that but we don't have consumers that come through our doors we have customers because we try to give them that custom experience when they come in. That's what separates us."

Local shops where people aren't just employees or customers but family.

Majority of businesses in the Hub City are small shops so if you're looking to spend money tomorrow you might think local.

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