One Class At A Time: Terra Vista Middle School teacher, Literacy Lubbock awarded $500

One Class At A Time: Terra Vista Middle School teacher, Literacy Lubbock awarded $500
Kristin Mazurez (Source: KCBD Video)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Terra Vista Middle School 6th grade history teacher Kristin Mazurek is the third recipient of KCBD's One Class At A Time donation sponsored by Frontier Dodge and Spirit Automotive.

Mazurek was awarded $500 for her classroom at Frenship ISD. The program also gives her the opportunity to choose a charity to receive an additional $500.

"I'm humbled by this opportunity," Mazurek said. "There are so many amazing teachers throughout Lubbock and Frenship ISD and to be chosen among them is, believe me, such an honor. I'm so proud of the district I work with, of the children I work with each day."

Colleagues of Mazurek say she's a team leader and great representative of their school.

"What I do brings me joy," Mazurek said. "I love what I do and to be recognized for it is beyond belief for me. I get to, each day, work with children I love in a district I love.",

Mazurek chose Literacy Lubbock to benefit from One Class At A Time. The organization provides free classes, tutors and programs for adults and children in the community.

Joseph Sledge is a volunteer with Literacy Lubbock and says the money will be a great benefit to the program for things such as education material or for travel through the community to events they sponsor.

"I think just getting the word out about their work is going to be the huge thing because it's just a small organization," Sledge said. " Anything they can have to help them out is tremendous."

"Education and literacy are a gift," Mazurek said. "That gift of knowledge is the greatest gift you can give and it's a lifelong gift. The fact they are providing that to our community is so impactful and so important that I wanted to help in any way I could with that charity."

Frontier Dodge General Manger Bobby Ray and Spirit Automotive General Manager Mike Guerra presented the checks.

"We talk about this every single month because we are excited to come do this," Ray said. "This is our third one we've done and I think we get more excited every time. It's just an honor to be able to give back to the teachers and the charities they choose."

"The teachers give so much to the community and it's great we can actually give back to them for everything they do for our students," Guerra said.

Mazurek tells KCBD one of the most important lessons she teachers her students is that each one is special, especially to her.

"I care about each one and I want each one to be successful," Mazurek said. "I want them to come to school happy, come to school excited to learn and I hope that each day I can do that."

To nominate a teacher to One Class At A Time, click here. 

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