No bones about it

No bones about it
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(KCBD) - Most dog owners know not to toss a turkey bone to the dog, because the bones are too brittle. Now, the Food and Drug Administration says the risk goes beyond that to include some bone 'treats' at the store.

Bone treats are real bones that have been processed, sometimes flavored, and packaged for dogs. But the FDA warning comes after receiving nearly 70 reports of pet illnesses, and 15 deaths related to dog treats, mainly blockages in the digestive tract, but also choking, vomiting and internal bleeding.

So the FDA says if you're planning to give your dog a stocking full of bone treats this holiday season, you might want to consult your veterinarian about that first.

The FDA reminds shoppers that we read the label on the foods we feed our families, but not so much for our pets.

Most dog treats already come with a warning on the label that pets should be supervised while eating any kind of bone.

For a look at specific concerns from the FDA on dog treats, go to

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