3 students facing 'stiff consequences' after prank that prompted Frenship HS lockdown

3 students facing 'stiff consequences' after prank that prompted Frenship HS lockdown
Dr. Michelle McCord, Superintendent (Source: KCBD)
Frenship High School Lockdown (Source: KCBD)
Frenship High School Lockdown (Source: KCBD)

WOLFFORTH, TX (KCBD) - Frenship ISD Superintendent Dr. Michelle McCord spoke with KCBD Monday, the first day back for the district after Friday's high-level lockdown.

Dr. McCord said the district is back to a normal schedule and has made counselors available to students affected by the scare.

She also addressed rumors surrounding Friday's incident.

According to Dr. McCord, just before noon on Dec. 1, a few students reported to different administrators in different parts of the high school that a man was wearing a mask and had a gun.

Since the high school principal was getting those reports within moments of one another, a high-level lockdown was put in place and Dr. McCord called 911.

"I'm so thankful for our first responders and all of the law enforcement agencies that quickly jumped into action," Dr. McCord said. "While I was still giving information to the 911 operator or dispatcher, I could hear sirens coming. You can't ask for a quicker response time than that."

She said after three hours of searching, authorities did not find a gun. Three high school students were arrested.

"I'm so thankful it turned out that there wasn't actually a gun, but we can always learn something from it," Dr. McCord said. "Again, it's that law enforcement is superb in this area. Our teachers did a great job. Our students are so respectful. I also want to say, related to those three students, they made a very foolish mistake and there are going to be consequences for that."

The superintendent could not provide details about the three students arrested, since they are juveniles, but she called their actions a dangerous prank. She said the district is awaiting "cues" from police and the District Attorney's office to determine what punishment the school will have for those students.

"At this point, it's still a police matter," Dr. McCord said. "Their investigation drives a lot of our decision-making in terms of consequences."

McCord said she is aware of allegations being made against the district about a possible cover-up of details surrounding the incident, including the possibility of it stemming from reported threats being made on another campus earlier in the week.

"I can tell you there was no indication of any other event that led up to this or any connection to any other vandalism or graffiti that might have been found on another campus," Dr. McCord said. "I know that makes for good social media but it just isn't true. There is no cover-up. There was no gun. We have three basically adolescent boys who made very foolish decisions on Friday at school. They're facing some very stiff consequences as a result."

Students returning to school Monday were given the opportunity to visit with counselors. McCord said the students have been resilient. Frenship ISD is providing parents with tips on how to talk with any anxious children.

McCord tells KCBD the district will reflect and look back on its practices and review what was done well and what can be improved later in the week or early next week. She says the district has also been invited to coordinate with Lubbock County authorities as they review their response.

"All the responding agencies clearly knew what they were doing," Dr. McCord said. "I learned they take command of the scene. That's a good thing. We are educators, not law enforcement officials and they know what to do. I learned the drills we do here in the school system are important and they paid off because everyone knew what to do and how to do it from our perspective."

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