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Weight Loss Can Reduce Acid Reflux

TV commercials would lead you to believe that millions suffer from acid reflux and heartburn. New research indicates rather than take a pill to relieve the discomfort, weight loss may fix the problem altogether.

"Reducing carbonated beverages, reducing spicy food, fatty food intake, and alcohol and tobacco. So those are the main inciters of acid reflux. So with a combination of weight loss and diet, a lot of patients will probably not even need medical therapy," says Dr. Paulo Pacheco at NYU Medical Center.

That's because Dr. Pacheco says the evidence now is stronger than ever that the more you weigh, the more likely you are to suffer from acid reflux, and that obesity greatly increases the risk of more serious complications from acid reflux, which can eventually damage the esophagus and even lead to cancer if steps are not taken to prevent it.

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