LPD: Accused porch pirate caught red-handed with items from 17 different victims

LPD: Accused porch pirate caught red-handed with items from 17 different victims
Christopher Bledsoe (Source: LPD)

Information from Lubbock Police Department

With holiday shopping in full swing, our investigators are trying to crack down on package thefts this year. Our Crime Suppression Squad has been keeping a close eye on package theft reports and are looking at ways to deter these "porch pirates"…. And it's paying off. On November 30th, one of our officers in plain clothes and an unmarked police unit was doing undercover surveillance on a home that had packages on the front porch.

During that time, the investigator paid close attention to the people coming and going in that neighborhood and pulled over a suspicious vehicle. It was discovered that the driver, 25-year-old Christopher Bledsoe, had numerous stolen items in his possession, including four stolen packages that had just been swiped from a front porch.

Turns out, the packages and mail – including checks- found in the vehicle belonged to 17 different victims. Bledsoe was arrested and charged with Theft, Fraudulent Use or Possession of Identifying Information, and Possession of a controlled substance.

Please be vigilant and help out our investigators. If you see someone taking packages or if it looks like they are scoping out homes for packages call us immediately. We need that information as soon as possible to hopefully prevent future package thefts.

If you're expecting packages, track them and have them delivered when you know you will be home. If that's not an option, have them delivered to your work or to a neighbor who will be home. You can also choose to pick up the packages from the store or delivery station. If you're sending a gift in the mail, make sure the person receiving the gift has to sign for it.

Let's all work together to stop these porch pirates.