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HealthWise at 5 From 8.10

  • Staph Infections

Staph infections could increase hospital costs by as much as $9 billion a year according to a report in the archives of internal medicine. Researchers found staph infection was listed as the diagnosis in almost 1% of hospital stays, which turns out to be nearly 300,000 stays per year. People with the infection stayed three times as long as those without it, and were five times more likely to die while in the hospital. The study did not look at whether the patient had a staph infection before entering the hospital, or if they got it during their stay.

  • Elderly Medicine

Patients who trust their doctors are more likely to take their pills. A study at the University of Michigan shows the flip side too, when patients do not trust their doctors; they are much more like to use the excuse of the cost of the medicine for skipping the prescription and not getting what they need. Bottom line, researchers say if doctors will make the effort to really communicate with their patients and build some trust in them; they are more likely to see their patients improve by following advice and taking the prescriptions they need.

  • Movie Villain

Hollywood is changing. Today, it's the bad guy who lights up on the silver screen. A review of almost 450 films finds the bad guys smoke more often than good guys, and almost half of all characters who smoked were also portrayed in a "lower class". Researchers say the percent of smokers in the movies was about the same as in the general population, but there were many more smokers in R-rated movies that target a younger audience.

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