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LISD Puts Busing at Parents' Fingertips

Lubbock Independent School District is putting busing information at parents' fingertips this year. A new on-line service is now available as you get ready for the first day of school. All parents have to do is type in their address, click submit and the website will pull up a list of schools in the area. Under each, it lists when and where the bus will stop to pick up and drop off your child. General Manager of Durham School Services Rob Bertoia says, "In the past, what they'd have to do is we have four phone lines coming in here and 29,000 possible students calling in, so it's a madhouse."

Those days are over at Durham. LISD contracts with them to provide all the district's busing and the "Transfinderi" website should make life a little easier. Bertoia adds, "There is no student data. It just takes an address and shows where the closest stop is. Bertoia expects the transfinder website will receive thousands of hits within Lubbock ISD.

NewsChannel 11 tested it out with Paul Gaona and his son Zachary. Paul says, "I think it's going to be something that helps parents understand the schedule." When Paul and Zachary typed in their address, Paul found he would have been going to the wrong bus stop. He says, "I'm glad you came over. I would have gone to the next block and waited and then thought where's the bus at?"

"Transfinderi" also saves parents and the district a headache when weather or other circumstances cause a change in bus routes. Bertoia explains, "There are days we dismiss early and if there are weather delays we can put in a two hour weather delay and automatically e-mail it to those who signed up for that service. Paul adds, "I leave at quarter til four and if that happens I can get on the phone and call my wife and say hey I can't come get him."

All LISD asks is that you have your child to the bus stop five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

(Click here) to get to the "Transfinderi" website.

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