LISD board approves bonuses for full time, part time employees

LISD board approves bonuses for full time, part time employees
(Source: LISD)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Information courtesy of the Lubbock Independent School District

At their meeting this morning, the Lubbock ISD Board of Trustees approved a one-time lump sum payment of $500 to full-time and $250 to part-time employees. The board will use reserve funds for the one-time payment, which will be included in December 22 paychecks. In June, the board approved the annual compensation plan that provided an average one percent pay raise and a provision for the one-time payment option. At that time, trustees noted their hopes to provide a larger pay raise and added the lump sum provision if the Texas Legislature increased funding for the school district during the special session. The funding did not come during the special session; however, trustees voted today to make a one-time payment to employees in appreciation of their work.

Dr. Berhl Robertson, Jr., superintendent said, "We were hoping to provide more than a one percent pay raise, knowing our insurance was going up slightly, so we were glad the board approved this gesture to provide a little something extra for our employees right before the holidays."  
In other action, the board approved the District of Innovation Plan proposed by a committee comprised of community members and two-thirds educators. The plan provides exemptions in three specific areas. The district would be able to begin school eight school days prior to the fourth Monday of August. Currently, the law allows schools to begin on or after the fourth Monday of August. This gives the district the ability to better balance the number of days in the fall and spring semesters.  
The second exemption revolves around the minimum number of days students are required to attend classes and get credit when they have demonstrated mastery of the content. This provision will give the district the flexibility to explore avenues, with input from teachers, for students in extenuating circumstances.
The third exemption relates to teacher certification in specific, difficult to fill content areas: World languages, Dual Credit and CTE. For example, Lubbock ISD would like to offer courses in plumbing; however, finding a certified teacher who is also a master plumber is highly unlikely. This exemption gives the district the ability to hire a master plumber as a teacher. It also addresses the shortages in World Languages, where there is a current shortage of Spanish teachers. The exemption in dual credit addresses situations, for example, when a college professor is credentialed under a university system, but not a Texas certified public school teacher, and now could be allowed to teach a dual-credit class. 
Trustees also recognized representatives of the Lubbock High School Marching Band for earning an appearance at the 5-A State Marching Band Contest in November.