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Football Players Need To Be Cautious in Heat

In sports earlier this week, did you hear Pete say he saw a high school kid "hurl" 3 times during two a days? Well, that's a perfect example why sports medicine doctors are warning coaches and trainers that the consequences can be deadly when preparing for fall football, under a scorching summer sun.

"Since 1995 we've had 24 heat stroke deaths, in last year 2004 there were 3 high school heat deaths," says Fred Mueller a Ph.D in sports medicine research.

Dr. Mueller leads the American Football Coaches' Committee on football injuries, and he says pre-season practice could be safer by making them shorter and scheduling them in the morning or early evening to avoid the heat of the day, with no full uniforms or full contact during the first several days. Some area schools are following those guidelines. Kudos to them, and in particular to Brownfield high school, where Pete tells me they have a mist machine on the practice field to keep players cool.

The bottom line according to the American College of Sports Medicine is coaches want tough players in any sport, but no player is tougher than mother nature.

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