Over 100 Lubbock-Cooper students sent to ISS for arriving late on Friday

Over 100 Lubbock-Cooper students sent to ISS for arriving late on Friday
(Source: LCP ISD)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - More than 100 Lubbock-Cooper students were sent to in-school suspension for being tardy to class on Friday, Dec. 15.

This according to a Facebook post by Lubbock-Cooper Live on Sunday.

The school district released a statement on Monday, defending the action.

The school district statement doesn't mention a specific incident, but Stephanie Frazier Dodson on the Lubbock-Cooper Live group says this was part of an organized event.

Dodson said, "Let's be honest here folks. The seniors made a plan to be late that day because they thought that it would be funny and that because it was the entire class that they would not do anything about it. It was all over social media. My freshman told me that it was going to happen."

However, parents on the Lubbock-Cooper Live group say the harsh punishment for Friday tardiness is causing traffic backups and may even be a safety issue.

Dusti Sitton White said, "The traffic on 1585 heading East to LCMS was awful on Friday! I sat through the light 7 times at 1585 & University! The traffic hasn't been that bad since the first day of school!"

Brannan Berry Marsh believes the situation is causing a safety issue:

"Our n'hood, TimberRidge is being used as a cut through for the HS students. They speed and has passed me multiple times IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!! There are kids standing outside waiting for buses. I'm very fearful for them and the teen speeding through the n'hood trying to get to school faster."

You can read the full text of the statement from Lubbock-Cooper ISD here:

Because this is largely a student disciplinary issue, Lubbock-Cooper ISD has a limited ability to comment on the matter. However, it is important to note that there has been no change in Friday morning start time since the beginning of the school year, and that the disciplinary action of in-school suspension experienced by less than five percent of the Lubbock-Cooper High School population on Friday, December 15 is deemed acceptable and appropriate by the Lubbock-Cooper ISD Code of Conduct and Student Handbook. The Friday start time and consequences for arriving late to school were reiterated in daily school-wide announcements to the entire Lubbock-Cooper High School student body beginning a week in advance.

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