Tech's National Wind Institute receives $1.46 million research contract

Tech's National Wind Institute receives $1.46 million research contract
Source: National Wind Institute

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A four-year research contract by Risk Management Solutions has been awarded to the Texas Tech National Wind Institute and is worth about $1.46 million.

This contract is in an effort to allow the NWI to continue research into wind, according to a Tech news release. This new contract is also a way to follow up on a project that quantifies wind and storm surge damage following hurricane cases where the damage is catastrophic.

It will be with new upgraded and expanded measurement systems NWI can conduct research that allows for a better understanding of low-level wind fields. This will also make it easier for insurance companies assess damages properly, as well as allow engineers to understand the design of better wind-safe structures.

"Our history and experience in making deployments in landfalling hurricanes are large reasons why we were able to win this award," Brian Hirth, research professor at the NWI, said in the release. "We're about the only entity that does what we do, on the scale we do. Having all the experience to be able to deploy these platforms, understanding how to safely work in a hurricane landfall region with different teams in the field and adapting to changes last minute; all those little things are what we do best."

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