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Authorities Make the Largest Ecstasy Bust in South Plains History

A popular teen drug will be harder to find on Lubbock streets after authorities make the largest Ecstasy bust in South Plains history, confiscating 1,000 hits of the drug.

A Lubbock grand jury indicted 23-year-old Christopher Lee, 19-year-old Steven Forcum and 22-year-old Julie Sanders, Tuesday. They're accused of selling Ecstasy to undercover DPS officers.

DPS narcotics say the bust will make a big impact on the ecstasy supply on Lubbock streets. They also say teens are the target for MDMA, otherwise known as Ecstasy. It's the same drug, 16-year-old Thomas Mallory took the night he died. And with a thousand pills off the streets, it will be a little harder for teens to buy.

In this case, the suspects sold officers the drug on two different occasions. They made their arrests during a traffic stop, seizing $16,000 worth of Ecstasy. The dealers were all young adults. An undercover agent said, "It's a certain group, mostly young people unfortunately. Our investigators are older so it's hard to get a group to infiltrate."

DPS narcotics officers say this was a major bust for them, but the next step in the investigation is to find out where the drug was made.

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