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Can C-Sections Be Requested?

It is not uncommon for pregnant women to ask for a C-section to avoid the pain of labor, but instead, those women are asking for a greater risk.

That's according to Dr. Art Evans, Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. In our segment HealthWise at 5 on Thursday, Dr. Evans said a vaginal delivery is 10 to 100 times safer than a C-section.

"We don't advise women to have a C-section. The long time complications are there are more risks for immediate problems infection, hemmorage, blood transfusions. The recovery is longer, hospitalizations are longer," says Art Evans M.D.

Dr. Evans adds that new studies are showing that even in women who have had a C-section, there is the same incidence later of bladder leakage, indicating that it is the pregnancy, not the delivery that weakens the pelvic muscles. So, he says that concern would not be a valid reason to choose a C-section over natural delivery.

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