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HealthWise at 5 From 8.12

  • Accurate Epidural

A new study finds a tool used by dentists to numb your gums is a more accurate method to find the right spot for Epidural injections commonly used in child birth. A study at the University of Texas Health Science Center tested Milestone Scientific's Compuflo. The device gives an audible signal when tissue pressure changes, indicating the correct spot for the anesthetic. In contrast, the traditional method relies on touch to sense the right spot for the shot. Among the labor cases in the study, the system had a perfect record correctly identifying the Epidural space.

  • Big Thigh Benefits

If you carry your weight in your thighs, that may be something you've regretted all your life but researchers say that could be what makes you luckier than most. As we age, our bodies change and fat collects in different areas for different people. A new study shows post-menopausal women who end up heavy in the thighs gain at least a better position to fight heart disease. Researchers at the University of Colorado found that pear shaped women had better levels of cholesterol, triglyceries and insulin, than those with skinny legs and a big belly.

  • Stop and Go

Tourists need their maps and itineraries, but if you have got an overactive bladder, finding the public bathrooms is probably tops on your list of things to see! Help is on the way from the well known travel guru Arthur Frommer. He has mapped out a guide highlighting attractions in several United States cities and national parks, including the locations of the bathrooms. So before you pack the car, stop at (

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