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Finding Ways to Curb Teen Sex Problem in Lubbock

It was said during a Friday Health board meeting that Lubbock is the "poster child for the ineffectiveness of abstinence."

Lubbock schools teach students that no sex is safe sex. However, concerned citizens who spoke believe the theory is not working. Those people who spoke are doctors, a church leader, and a civil rights group member.

Their ideas Friday were to educate parents who can then have the tools to educate their own kids. They also want churches involved in sex Ed.

"It's time for us to say, we admit 'abstinence only' does not work. The only thing that does work which has been demonstrated, is that of comprehensive sexuality education," said Harvey Madison, member of the Center for Critical thinking.

The board plans to pass the ideas to city leaders and school board members.

Three years ago, the Lubbock youth commission pushed school officials for a more comprehensive sex Ed program. Their fight gained national media attention.

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