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Changes to Texas Tech University Seal

The Texas Tech seal will be revised, but nothing will be removed. The visual changes will be slight, but it's the seal that will be used for marketing and correspondence that's changing the most. "We've added that academic identifier and we are saying that it has to appear on all of our academic correspondences. So all the schools at Texas Tech University will use that academic identifier," said Windy Sitton, regent member.

The university will now use three symbols to represent different branches of the school. First, the new, academic identifier which is the coat of arms. It will be used by all schools at Texas Tech University. There's the seal for the Texas Tech University Systems. And the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Seal. The changes are slight, and are actually more like enhancements than changes. The book in the left hand corner is straight instead of at an angle, and the image is more crisp.

Most of the controversy surrounding the seal had to do with removing images, such as the cotton, but it will be staying right where it is.

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