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Woman Held at Gunpoint In Her Own Home Shares Her Story

He held-up two women at gun point inside one of the victims' own home in Central Lubbock, and 24 hours later he was still on the loose. If you leave your doors unlocked during the day, this story may change that.

Two Lubbock women became victims of a home invasion just after six o'clock Thursday. Police say the suspect entered the home in the 3300 block of 43rd Street through an un-locked door. One of the victims, who we'll call "Sara" to protect her identity, talked exclusively with NewsChannel 11.

"It was just real frightening," said Sara, "it was just a big gun."

Thursday evening, a man walked into her home through an unlocked door. He held her and another woman at gunpoint.

"I've never been as frightened as I was Thursday."

Sara's door is always locked, however, a friend made a quick trip outside leaving the door unlocked. The man followed her back inside and to Sara's room.

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"She lied down on the bottom of the bed and he was so anxious, the gun kept going back and forth, from her, to me to her, he was shouting the whole time and wasn't making a lot of sense."

Sara said the man appeared to be on drugs. Both women were afraid he would shoot.

"Absolutely," said Sara. "He wanted to shoot."

Sara has experienced this before. Her home has been burglarized, plus she's been held at gunpoint at a restaurant. So she knew how to act this time.

"I just calmed down and I said 'would you like some money,' like I was offering cookies to a little kid," said Sara. "He said yes give me your money."

After that, he left. As of Friday police were still looking for the man. Neighbors recognized the man's description and say they frequently see him riding his bike through the neighborhood. Perhaps what scares Sara most is that the suspect could do the same thing to someone else.

"I don't like him being around out there because he's going to do something stupid and he's going to do harm to somebody."

The suspect is described as a white male in his 50's, about 5'4'', between 140 and 150 pounds with a scruffy beard.

Sara hopes her ordeal will serve as a reminder to others. Always lock your door, even in broad daylight.

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