Buffalo Springs Lake board considers cattail project, fee increase

Buffalo Springs Lake board considers cattail project, fee increase
Buffalo Springs Lake discusses removal of cattails. (Source: KCBD)

BUFFALO SPRINGS LAKE, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock County Water Control and Improvement District Number 1, the governing board of Buffalo Springs Lake, met with a standing-room-only crowd of concerned residents on Tuesday.

More than three dozen residents crowded the Lake's tiny meeting room. Many came to express their support for Lake Manager Warren Johnson. Some citizens mentioned the Lake's troubled history with its managers. No one spoke against Johnson.

After residents spoke, board President Bill Moore told the crowd the agenda item concerning Johnson's employment should not have been placed on the regular session agenda because it included discussion of personnel matters. A motion and second were offered and the board voted to move the item (#3) to the executive session agenda with several in the crowd murmuring their dissent.

The board discussed cattail management with a representative of Lubbock Bank Liners and Fishing. The anglers' representative told the board their concern was that enough cattails be left to preserve the habitat of bass and other fish.

The Lake representatives said they were working with Texas Parks and Wildlife to ensure the cattail management project was handled properly. The anglers' representative said he was satisfied with how the matter was being handled.

Residents also expressed concern about a possible large fee increase. Board members dismissed the idea, saying there may be an increase; however, the $10 - $15 increase mentioned by some residents was an unsubstantiated rumor.

The Lubbock Bank Liners and Fishing expressed concern that the same fee applies to tournament fishermen who only use the lake for three or four hours.

"We would be happy to sit down and talk to you about some kind of dispensation just from your bass fishing tournaments," said Board President Moore.

The meeting continued with the presentation of the certified annual financial reports by the Lake auditor.

After a public meeting that continued more than three hours the Lake Board came out of executive session an announced the termination of Lake Manager Warren Johnson, according to board member Greg Thornton. No cause was given.

Thornton also told KCBD after further discussion the governing body voted to raise gate fees $1 across the board.

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